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The System Group is an international leader in designing and implementing manufacturing process solutions for the ceramics industry and other industrial sectors such as packaging, electronics and intralogistics, with a multidisciplinary approach embracing precision mechanics, electronics, information technology, physics and chemistry. The Group, whose headquarters is located in Fiorano Modenese in Italy, is active in 25 countries via 36 subsidiaries, has over 1700 employees worldwide.

The System Group was founded in 1970 by Franco Stefani, appointed as company President and Research and Development Director of the Group. The company boasts a strong inclination to the sciences, seeking unexplored territories, growing and consolidating its position over the years.  The basic formula behind its incredible success and continuous growth on a global scale, lies in their recognition of the value of human resources as intellectual assets of the company, and the implementation of a corporate strategy that places the development of knowledge at the core of their business.

Through its know-how, the System Group has entered the sectors of packaging, logistics, intra-logistics, electronics and ceramics, experimenting and formulating new production processes, anticipating trends and opening new market segments.

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Fiorano Modenese,

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