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YSI (UK) Limited, a subsidiary of YSI Incorporated, is a distribution company specialising in the sale and service of sensor technology instruments from the YSI Life Sciences product range, for use in a wide range of clinical and analytical laboratory applications.

It is also a distributor for Mindray Clinical Chemistry Analysers and Reichert Analytical Instruments.

Applications include:

  • Diabetes research, testing for glucose
  • Neo-natal screening, testing for glucose and bilirubin
  • Blood glucose or lactate monitor development
  • Clinical chemistry diagnosis, testing for a range of enzymes, proteins, electrolytes and other substrates
  • Biotech process monitoring, analysis for glucose, sucrose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate, ammonium, potassium and others
  • Pharmaceutical research and manufacture
  • Food and beverage, quality assurance and processing, testing for per cent brix, sugars, lactate, choline
  • Sports science, human performance evaluation, monitoring lactate levels
  • Biofuel research, renewable energy sources, rapid testing for xylose, glucose, methanol and ethanol

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