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Safety Power Group has launched a range of 1.6kW power supplies for bench- or rack-mount applications offering high power-density rating in a 1U, 19in rack package.

The Bonafide SPS 1.6kW power supplies offer a choice of 16 models with outputs from 16V DC upwards, including 800 and 1,000V DC models to meet high-voltage requirements.

Standard programmable interfaces on basic models include RS-232, RS-485 and USB.

Premium models provide an advanced digital platform with GPIB/Ethernet, keypad and encoder, high-resolution VFD display and VLIST/ILIST auto sequencing.

Bench or rack-mount compatible, the Bonafide SPS 1.6kW power supplies are suitable for ATE applications and offer increased reliability with front and rear air circulation to effectively cool high-heat power components and ensure performance in high ambient conditions.

Quiet and powerful, the SPS 1.6kW features fan-speed control to reduce acoustic noise.

Additional features include advanced remote control and monitoring such as fault dry contact for automated protection trip alarms, remote shut down for interlock and redundant system protection, flexible 0 to 5 or 0 to 10V DC range selection and factory-configured voltage or resistance programming.

The units can also operate in constant voltage, constant current or auto crossover modes.

For high-voltage/current applications, the SPS power supplies can be connected in series or parallel while remote sensing compensates line-drop measurement errors for flexible testing.

Bonafide SPS 1.6kW power supplies offer in-rack, closed-case digital calibration to save on annual calibration costs and feature standard over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection.

The units are designed so that output voltage is quickly drained during protection trips.

In-field firmware updates keep features and functions up to date.

Safety Power’s SPS 1.6kW 1U power supplies are suitable for a range of rack- and bench-mount applications, including aerospace and satellite testing, water purification, semiconductor processing, industrial automation, gas, chemical, petroleum and utility plants, EOL test and QC inspection, automotive component, ECU and HIL testing, telecommunications and IT, industrial automation and process control, magnets, RF amplifiers and beam steering, heater supplies, battery validation and testing, electroplating, sputtering and coating, electrical component validation, laser diode validation and testing, and PV inverter and renewable energy RandD.

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