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Doosan Infracore Portable Power (DIPP) has launched the 12/150 model single-axis portable compressor, which offers good towing stability for transport behind a vehicle.

The company said the 12/150 model provides high durability, productivity and serviceability.

The 12/150 portable compressor has a free air delivery of 14.9m/min (526cfm) at an output pressure of 12 bar and is designed for applications in plant hire, construction, quarrying and general industry.

This encompasses standard pressure applications such as powering breakers and tools in road repair, demolition and refurbishment, as well as specialist uses including drilling, abrasive blasting, spray-painting, optical-fibre blowing and standby and temporary compressed air for industry.

The 12/150 offers as a standard feature a bunded base for environmental protection and well-positioned fuel tanks featuring large-size fillers also limit the risk of fuel spillage.

The central drains contribute to the serviceability of the 12/150, with all areas designed for ease of inspection, maintenance and repair.

In addition, service intervals for different compressor components have been rationalised to reduce associated costs for the customer and increase utilisation.

The 12/150 model is powered by the Cummins QSB 6.7 FR91440 six-cylinder diesel engine providing the fuel efficiency, quiet-running, easy maintenance and high reliability and durability required for this application.

The Cummins diesel engine is water-cooled and has a power output of 164kW (220HP) at a full load speed of 2,000rev/min.

The 12/150 has a standard limited ambient temperature (LAT) of 46C.

As well as these options, the modular design of the 12/150 compressor allows other types of optional equipment to be added easily.

In this way, the 12/150 can be adapted for specific applications, such as fitting an after-cooler and water-separator system for abrasive blasting.

An optional diesel-engine exhaust spark arrestor is a basic but key safety feature for hazardous area applications and should the engine begin to accelerate due to volatile vapours in the atmosphere, an optional over-speed valve closes the air intake to the engine, to prevent damage due to over-speed.

The 12/150 compressor has an intuitive key-start sequence, ideal for rental companies because of the reduced risk of machine abuse by untrained operators.

The user-friendly control panel offers an open layout of instruments and warning indicators.

Security features include a lockable canopy and lockable steel instrument panel cover.

In addition, a folding lift bail reduces the risk of theft by keeping the lifting eye within the compressor enclosure.

The customer livery option for the canopy can provide a further deterrent to theft.

A built-in toolbox compartment offers ample storage space, further reducing the risk of theft and simplifying transport requirements.

Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment

The Doosan range of construction equipment

One of the world’s leading construction equipment manufacturers, Doosan produces a broad range including crawler and wheeled excavators, wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks (ADTs) and high capacity telehandlers.

Doosan has a comprehensive selection of crawler excavators including mini-, midi-, mid-size and heavy models covering operating weights from 1–7tonf and specialist demolition machines.

The six mini- and midi-excavator models in the range from 1–10tonf provide optimum performance, stability, ample cab size and serviceability. Doosan offers a complete range of nine mid-size models from 14–25tonf including machines with short radius and narrow track configurations. From 30–70tonf, Doosan offers seven models offering high reliability and productivity for bulk earthmoving and quarrying applications.

As well as the smaller wheeled model, the DX55W, Doosan offers a choice of five mid-size wheeled excavators in the weight range from 14–21tonf, complemented by specialist material handling and railway machines.

The Doosan range of articulated wheel loaders includes eight models with bucket capacities from 1.5–5m3. Key features offered by Doosan wheel loaders include more productivity at lower cost, reliability, comfort and ease of maintenance.

The Doosan Moxy range of four ADT models provides a line of advanced, reliable and cost-effective vehicles, offering significant competitive advantages.

The Doosan high capacity telehandler range comprises four models offering maximum lift heights of 10m and lifting capacities from 7–21tonf.

For more information about Doosan construction equipment, visit the website.

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