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CK160 data sheet - .PDF file.

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RK200 data sheet - .PDF file.

1st Machine Tool Accessories (1st MTA) has introduced two rotary tables from Kitagawa: the CK160 and RK200. The CK160 is claimed to have the thinnest NC rotary table body available on the market, while the RK200 is described by 1st MTA as ‘unbelievably quick’.

The body of the Kitagawa CK160 rotary table measures 99mm deep. The ultra-compact fourth axis is suited to mounting on the table of a BT30-taper machining centre and provides manufacturers with a larger machining envelope on any size machine.

The thin profile also makes the NC table suitable for use with an opposing trunnion for securing and rotating a workpiece between centres in limited working areas. It may be orientated in the horizontal or vertical plane.

The RK200 NC unit indexes through 90° in 0.31 seconds and achieves a maximum speed of 100rev/min.

Click on the links above to download data sheets for the CK160 and RK200 rotary tables.

Key product features and specifications


  • The CK160 is offered with a built-in rotary joint, in which case it is designated CKR160, both versions being 99mm deep.
  • The rotary joint, which has seven ports for pneumatic and hydraulic supplies (but not coolant), allows the unit to operate on the C-axis of a four-axis machining centre.
  • Specifications include: 114mm-diameter table; 65mm through-hole (on the CK160); 140mm centre height; 340Nm pneumatic clamping; and 41.6rev/min maximum rotational speed.
  • Indexing accuracy is 20 arc sec, with four arc sec repeatability.
  • Workpieces up to 160kg may be supported with the table mounted horizontally, or 80kg if it is vertical.


  • A maintenance-free roller gear cam reducer decreases the motor rev/min to the table’s rotational speed. This improves positioning accuracy, load capacity and efficiency while reducing heat generation, even under continuous operation.
  • RK200 has a 114mm-diameter table with a centre height of 150mm; 70mm-diameter through-hole; 240Nm and 108Nm instantaneous and continuous holding torques respectively; and a maximum table load of 60kg.

1st Machine Tool Accessories

1st Machine Tool Accessories Ltd specialises in high quality workholding equipment and associated products from the world’s leading producers.

1st Machine Tool Accessories Ltd specialises in high quality workholding equipment and associated products from the world’s leading producers.

1st MTA:

·         provides technical assistance via trained representatives including site visits and demonstrations where possible;

·         is constantly expanding and updating the product range to give customers the best possible choice;

·         offers bespoke/customised solutions;

·         provides the easiest and most efficient way to order all your machine tools and accessories by phone, fax or on-line.

The product range includes:

·         Kitagawa:

o   Chucks: power, collet, manual, speciality and all accessories.

o   Cylinders: hydraulic and pneumatic.

o   NC Rotary Tables.

o   Vises: precision machine.

·         Fixturing and Clamping Parts.

·         Collets:

o   Varibore,

o   Spring,

o   Emergency

o   Pull back.

·         Chick Workholding: the leader in modern workholding for modern CNC machines.

·         Brighetti Reduction Bushes:

o   Slotted

o   Cylindrical

o   Conical

o   Elastic

o   Fixed by dowels.

·         OK Vise: low-profile clamping.

·         Mitee Bite: versatile, cost-effective clamping – fast and easy operation.

·         Cooljet High Pressure Coolant.

·         Magnetic Filtration

·         Bison:

o   Chucks: manual and power;

o   Hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders;

o   Precision machine and bench vises;

o   Rotary tables and indexing fixtures

·         Abbott Workholding:

o   Pie jaws;

o   Tooling columns.

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