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Savings of up to 50 per cent are being offered on selected ex-showroom items from 1st MTA’s range of workholding equipment, chucks, jaws, drill sharpeners and air filtration systems until 31 May.

The biggest discounts in the company’s ‘Bag a Bargain’ promotion are available on Leave machine clamping cubes, which will be supplied at half price and complete with free flexible line-up vices.

Other savings include 25 per cent discounts on all Chick workholding systems, plus a ‘buy one, get one free’ offer for existing customers trading up to the latest System 5 units.

In addition, 20 per cent reductions are available on OK-Vise machining clamps and all Abbott jig and fixturing systems.

1st MTA also has a limited number of ex-showroom Kitagawa B200 series chucks, available at heavily discounted prices, along with 20 per cent reductions on all Abbott aluminium pie jaws for Kitagawa chucks.

The company is also offering a GBP250 discount on any Kitagawa unit when customers trade in their old power chucks on a one-for-one exchange basis.

Discounts of more than 30 per cent are available on a series of unused Absolent high-performance oil mist and smoke filtration units, along with 20 per cent savings on Darex E-90 end mill regrinders, plus V-391 and XT3000 drill sharpeners.

Top of the range Darex XPS-16 CNC drill refurbishing systems are also available at 20 per cent below list price until the end of 2009, with each unit supplied at no extra charge with a 90-degree drill point upgrade kit worth GBP998.

All items in the ‘Bag a Bargain’ campaign are ‘as new’ and sold with full manufacturer’s warranty.

The offers are available on existing stocks only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other 1st MTA promotion.

1st Machine Tool Accessories

1st Machine Tool Accessories Ltd specialises in high quality workholding equipment and associated products from the world’s leading producers.

1st Machine Tool Accessories Ltd specialises in high quality workholding equipment and associated products from the world’s leading producers.

1st MTA:

·         provides technical assistance via trained representatives including site visits and demonstrations where possible;

·         is constantly expanding and updating the product range to give customers the best possible choice;

·         offers bespoke/customised solutions;

·         provides the easiest and most efficient way to order all your machine tools and accessories by phone, fax or on-line.

The product range includes:

·         Kitagawa:

o   Chucks: power, collet, manual, speciality and all accessories.

o   Cylinders: hydraulic and pneumatic.

o   NC Rotary Tables.

o   Vises: precision machine.

·         Fixturing and Clamping Parts.

·         Collets:

o   Varibore,

o   Spring,

o   Emergency

o   Pull back.

·         Chick Workholding: the leader in modern workholding for modern CNC machines.

·         Brighetti Reduction Bushes:

o   Slotted

o   Cylindrical

o   Conical

o   Elastic

o   Fixed by dowels.

·         OK Vise: low-profile clamping.

·         Mitee Bite: versatile, cost-effective clamping – fast and easy operation.

·         Cooljet High Pressure Coolant.

·         Magnetic Filtration

·         Bison:

o   Chucks: manual and power;

o   Hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders;

o   Precision machine and bench vises;

o   Rotary tables and indexing fixtures

·         Abbott Workholding:

o   Pie jaws;

o   Tooling columns.

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