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Precision Microdrives has launched a 20mm vibration motor, with a flat-sided case and lead terminal connectors, for use in adult toys, battery-powered massagers and medical products.

The motor is wound to run on 3V and tuned to run efficiently on two battery cells (either alkaline or Nickel rechargeable types).

Many small vibration motors in Precision’s Vibrator Generator range are used in massagers or like products.

The most obvious and common massager applications tend to be adult in nature, but there is also a strong market for vibration motors used in medical and sporting products.

In the case of more general massaging, vibration also usefully prompts the muscle fibres to relax, thereby assisting the effectiveness of other massaging actions.

As well as stimulation for nerve endings, vibration is also used to stimulate blood flow to the skin, or muscles; some pain relief products work by using vibration to help increase the blood flow into and around the muscle.

Vibration Generator motors are also used for psychological reasons.

For example, ultrasonic beauty treatments cannot always be felt and manufacturers of these products use a light mechanical vibration to make patients feel better about the treatment they are receiving.

The 320-100 flat-sided vibrator motor is rated at 3V DC and is a three-pole iron-laminated core design, with moulded strontium ferrite magnets.

The vibration motor has a 1.1V start voltage and offers quite a wide dynamic range of vibration output (40-120Hz) with an effective operating range of 1.1 to 3.6V.

At 3V the motor produces a typical normalised amplitude of 7.2G (70.6m/s) at 7.1k RPM.

Current draw at 3V is 170mA, which means that the motor has a efficiency of 5.4 G/W when loaded with a 250g inertial load (typical of applications using this motor).

The environmental operating temperature is -20 to 60C and the maximum audible output is 58dB(A).

The 20mm vibration motor has solder terminal tags for electrical connections, though Precision Microdrives frequently adds customised leads, harnesses and connectors based on customer specifications.

Precision Microdrives

Precision Microdrives is a reliable and competent UK-based supplier of precision DC electric motors. We manufacture precise, miniature, low-voltage, DC vibrating motors, DC reduction gear motors, and DC brushed motors. We stand for delivering our motors on time and to spec.

We carry a wide range of stock DC vibration motors, gear motors and brushed motors with frame sizes from Ø4mm ~ Ø100mm and offer next-day delivery through Europe. We also manufacture customised and high-volume motor requirements to specification.

Most customers develop customised motors from our base (stocked) range of parts. Common changes include performance alterations, and the addition of wires, looms, connectors and output mechanisms.

Our motors are used worldwide in automotive, medical, consumer, handheld and instrumentation applications. We lead the market in tactile vibration (haptic) feedback and vibration-based operator alerting, and make many of the smallest DC geared motors commercially available.

We have a helpful application and engineering support team, which offers free advice on how to integrate our parts into designs. It also designs and manufactures complete products where precision motion forms the core of the design; our specialisation, is in high-end consumer and medical products.

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