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Faude’s ‘bin picking’ system uses a lightweight robot from the Danish company Universal Robots and a 2D vision sensor from Leuze Electronic.

The six-axis robot, which weighs 18kg, can place components, each weighing up to 5kg, within a working radius of 850mm with a repeatability of +/-0.1mm and with the correct orientation – regardless of whether up, down, tilted or rotated.

Faude calls the robot system ‘FIPS’, with the initials highlighting its excellence in flexibility, intuitiveness, price and safety, and says that it can be commissioned and run within a few hours.

To create a ‘bin picking’ system, Faude gave the robot the ability to automatically detect the components, combining its Flexvision image-processing system with Leuze Electronic’s LPS 36 (Line Profile Sensor).

The sensor provides 2D cross-sectional profiles or slices across the tray, which the vision system constructs into a 3D image of the tray and its contents.

Another way of visualising the LPS36 sensor is that it is equivalent to a chain of 376 optical laser distance-measurement sensors working together to scan a 600mm-long line, perfectly calibrated the moment it is switched on.

Faude’s Flexvision system is an intuitive image-detection and processing system developed for industrial use.

The modular design uses the Halcon 3D vision libraries available for the LPS 36 from Mvtec Software to make the image-processing system very flexible.

This image-acquisition interface can easily be operated with the Halcon image-processing software to provide simple detection of equidistant 3D data, or profile ‘slices’ from the sensor.

The measurement data from the LPS 36 of complex 3D applications such as object measurement can be read and further processed so that volumes can be calculated and the position of three-dimensional objects can be determined, so users do not have to carry out software developments or program their own algorithms.

The application at Faude shows how the sensor enables the robot to automatically detect which component it can grip best, utilising the height information from the sensor to calculate the position in the third dimension.

An additional real-world advantage of the LPS sensor over many camera-based vision systems is that it’s laser-line detection system makes it robustly independent of changes in ambient light.

Leuze Electronic

Leuze electronic the ‘sensor people’ are committed to being the supplier of choice by providing the best customer service and products.

Leuze electronic the ‘sensor people’ are committed to being the supplier of choice by providing the best customer service and products.

DETECTIONOptical Sensors: An innovative range from economic standard sensors to feature-rich special solutions.

Barcode, 2D and RFID code readers; Smart cameras and Vision systems; Optical data transmission; Optical positioning.

PROTECTION – Machine safety light curtains and barriers; Safety laser scanners; Door and entry interlocks and switches.
Leuze electronic also offer a machine Safety Inspection Service to ensure the correct guarding of machines using any brand of safety light curtains & barriers.

Virtual online catalogues, industry specific brochures, and extensive guidance on machine safety are all available on our website.
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