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Designed for centralised control systems, the Lenze 3200C controller combines PLC logic, motion control and visualisation in a single device.

By bringing together the latest fast microprocessors with updated operating software, the 3200C delivers a tailored hardware-software combination that can implement automation systems in a cost-effective way.

This new controller suits machines with single-and multi-axis drives, giving powerful centralised control over a matching range of external drives and actuators.

Dimensions are compact with DIN rail mounting and a width of 136mm, and reliability is assured as there is no fan or battery.

The 3200C controller is designed to integrate with the Lenze I/O system 1000, creating a single station with a fast 48MHz backplane bus and a 1us time stamp.

Up to 64 I/O modules can be combined with digital and analogue I/O, temperature measurement, counters and encoder evaluation.

Communication ports are provided for Ethernet and the fast bus Ethercat, which can connect to servo and inverter drives – also external I/O stations.

Two USB connections are available and there is an optional third USB for DVI connections to a monitor panel such as the Lenze MP range.

Two further ports are provided for Canopen and optional Profibus.

Project planning is simplified by the latest software.

The 3200C operates with Windows CE 6.0 and is provided with Lenze PLC Designer software, which enables programming to the languages of IEC61131-3.

This latest version of PLC Designer is based on the Codesys3 programming system, which has been tailored and optimised for the controller.

Programming of motion functions is to PLCopen standards.

Designers can use the new controller as a gateway, for example evaluating Profibus signals and transmitting them in Ethernet.

The 3200C uses a flash memory for storage instead of the significantly more error-prone hard discs used in the past.

Intel Atom processors operate without requiring a fan so there are no moving parts, making the controllers particularly robust.

In the event of a power-supply failure, an integrated UPS ensures that the retain variables of the controller are saved.

For use as removable storage, the 3200C is fitted with one SD memory card slot and two USB interfaces.

Four LEDs display operating status and allow fast analysis.

Further savings come from the integration of I/O into a single DIN-rail-mounted station and the Lenze portfolio of matching inverter drives, servo drives and monitor panels.

PLC programming with the latest Codesys3 is faster and reduces cost.

Complete automation systems can be implemented efficiently through the controller.

With 40 years' experience, Lenze Ltd are specialists in drive and automation equipment for the UK market. Today Lenze employ 60 people and operate with management systems approved to ISO 9001:2008.

Experience and expertise

The engineering comes first. With almost 50 per cent of our staff being qualified engineers, the right-sized technical solution to your problem is our goal. Our vision of right sizing means to work with you in order to achieve the optimum solution in terms of cost and performance.

The complete drive system  

Our products fit together to make the complete drive and automation system. Lenze products include automation, controllers, servos, inverters and geared motors. Our Techdrives division adds essential drive components such as couplings, actuators and locking bushes to complete your design.  

Worldwide, we are there to help you

Lenze companies are in 29 countries and have sales offices in a further 24. Full product information is available on our website and the international helpline makes it easy to contact us.

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