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3A Technologies is working with a number of client manufacturers in the wind turbine, mining, locomotive transmissions and marine sectors that require high-precision spiral bevel gears.

With its partner Xubi, 3A is able to produce ground or hard-finished skived, spiral bevel and hypoid gears up to a maximum diameter of 1,300mm to quality 6, DIN 3965.

3A is supplying gears for use in sectors and applications where high-precision, right-angle and special axis drives are required.

3A claims that it is able to take a customer’s application requirements and produce high-quality spiral bevel gears that will typically transmit higher torques, be quieter in operation and/or facilitate the use of smaller gear boxes.

All of the gear-hardening processes – carburising, quenching and tempering – are performed in-house within the Xubi group.

Dimensional and contact pattern control of the tooth flank – profile, pitch, flank line and tooth thickness – is achieved through the use of a closed-loop system between inspection and finishing machines, eliminating the need to have gears made as matched pairs.

Xubi is a high-precision transmission-component manufacturer with a capability for manufacturing gears to 6,000mm diameter.

The company is also able to manufacture ball screws, slewing rings, services of heat treatment and a gearbox reconditioning operation.

It is able to supply transmission components to the renewable and power-generation sectors.

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