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Field Precision has released a line of 3D finite-element programs aimed at small businesses and universities for applications such as electromagnetic fields, particle accelerators and X-ray imaging.

The company’s Basic packages run on 32- and 64-bit Windows computers.

They include all the technical features of Field Precision’s Professional packages with the exception of parallel processing.

Features of the Basic package include: low single-time purchase price; no continuing licence fees; free updates; a single-user licence includes activation on two computers with quick transfer when a computer is replaced; packages are easy to learn and run for a part-time user.

Instruction manuals and ready-to-run application examples are included.

Through efficient programming and the use of Fortran for critical mathematical routines, Field Precision programs achieve excellent speed, with solution times for practical applications ranging from a few minutes to less than an hour.

Field Precision packages include: finite-element techniques applied on conformal meshes of hexahedron elements; interactive environment for building 3D assemblies with an automatic mesh generator – import from Solidworks and other 3D CAD programs; versatile graphical postprocessors with 2D/3D plots, high-accuracy interpolations and automatic surface and volume integrals – in addition, users may define their own plot and analysis quantities; programs feature highly transparent input and output file formats with the option for command-line operation- this makes it easy to integrate the software into the users’ own control loops; all packages are complete and self-contained.

Field Precision software covers a range of applications, including electrostatics and high-voltage, electromagnet and permanent-magnet assembly design, Monte Carlo simulations of X-ray sources and imaging devices, electron/ion accelerators and microwave devices.

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