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A Fast Way to Enter Motor Models with 3D Templates - .PDF file.

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Since the invention of the first electric machine in 1819, progress and development of electric machines has not ceased, especially with the advent of new materials and advances in electronics power control systems. The principle of an electrical machine is based on the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy motor operation or inverse generating operation.

A fast way to enter motor models in Flux is to use overlays. These are templates based on dialog boxes, with many different options that will help to enter conventional devices. The existing library of 2D motor overlays, created in the 1990s, is now extended to 3D for BPM machines. The template generates automatically a fully parametric geometry including the infinite region, symmetries and periodicities; it creates the mesh, regions and coils and movement definition. It also proposes typical winding schemes that will generate the 3D coils of the machine in a few clicks. Users are ready to solve cases within minutes. It is very useful to quickly assess whether such-and-such a machine structure can deliver the performance you need.


For over 35 years CEDRAT has been acknowledged as the European leader in simulation technology.

For over 35 years CEDRAT has been acknowledged as the European leader in simulation technology.
CEDRAT offers a full suite of tools for the design, the analysis and optimization of devices and systems for a wide range of electrical and mechatronic engineering applications.
CEDRAT’s flagship product is Flux 2D/3D, a software suite that specializes in electromagnetic and thermal analysis for modeling and optimizing electrical devices such as motors, transformers, actuators and sensors. Flux software is also relevant to equipment that is used in electric-fields studies, or heat-treatment applications.
4 modeling and simulation tools, 11 international partners, 35 years of experience and more than 50 engineers, developers and consultants. CEDRAT S.A. develops and markets leading computer-aided-engineering (CAE) simulation tools. These tools are used by manufacturers to accelerate and manage precise design solutions for devices such as motors, transformers, actuators, and sensors. CEDRAT has developed GOT-It, for device-and-systems optimisation; InCa3D, for conductor impedance and near-field simulation and Portunus, for mechatronic system simulation.

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