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3D printing is just one of the technologies impacting design today, and the capabilities it brings to the product design process cannot be underestimated. Early adopters are already experiencing huge value benefits and the future of product design will most certainly be interlinked with what this technology can bring.
To evolve their design and manufacturing strategies, many industry sectors are already using 3D printing solutions in the market. PwC estimates 67.7 per cent of manufacturers are already using 3D printing. Of these, 28.9 per cent are experimenting to determine how 3D printing can be optimally integrated into their production processes and 24.6 per cent are using 3D printing for prototyping. It is also worth noting that 75 per cent of industrial manufacturing CEO’s say they will make changes to increase R&D and innovation capacity.

Canon (UK) Ltd

In partnership with 3D Systems and Materialise, Canon offers a broad range of 3D printing technology as well as Magic’s file fixing software. We address a wide variety of 3D printing needs, such as concept modelling, functional prototyping, rapid tooling and end-use parts. You can now benefit from best-in-class 3D printing technology and software combined with exceptional service and knowledge from Canon.

Founded in 1937 with the specific goal of making the best quality camera’s available, Canon’s tireless passion for innovation and solutions to customers has since extended technology offerings into many other markets and has established us as a world leader in both consumer and business services.

Supporting the 3D printing community, we are a technology partner delivering market leading 3D solutions with 3D workflow management tools.  We work closely with education, manufacturing and engineering companies to optimise their process’.

The advantages of 3D printing over other manufacturing technologies is leading to profound changes in the way many things are designed, developed, produced, and supported.  The ability to quickly produce 3D prototypes, functional end-use parts, moulds and tools allow you to enhance the final product’s quality, design and time to market.  It is enabling companies to rapidly respond to market and customer demands, eliminate design flaws and counter competitive evolution.

Right now innovative business models are emerging and 3D printing is shifting the changing business ecosystem.  We work with you to develop strategies to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Canon supports you through best in class technologies and service.  Our European network of consultants and application engineers help ensure you get the best out of your investment and agile implementation options are designed to be as flexible as you require.

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