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3D3 Solutions has launched Flexscan3D 3.0, the latest version of its 3D scanner software, for engineering and development companies to build custom white light 3D scanners for industry applications.

Flexscan3D has the ability to interface directly with off-the-shelf cameras and a projector to build a custom 3D scanner.

According to 3D3, there is a wide range of supported hardware options available so users can choose the best combination of speed, accuracy and cost for their particular application.

Photogrammetric alignment, a new software feature, aligns 3D scan data automatically and accurately using photogrammetric dots – thereby eliminating the task of manual data alignment.

Multi-head 3D scanning enables Flexscan3D to control multiple 3D scanners from a single PC to acquire data from several directions.

The scanned data is then automatically aligned and merged.

A 64bit native core allows the software to process 3D scan data faster and at higher resolutions compared with previous versions of the software.

The program’s user interface has been redesigned to enable complex 3D models to be generated faster with a more streamlined work flow.

Its deviation analysis feature produces reports with mesh to mesh comparison.

Flexscan3D 3.0 uses a digital SLR as a texture camera to automatically generate high-resolution colour maps.

Flexscan3D 3.0 software and the HDI 3D scanners for which the software was created are now available for purchase.

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