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Simerics has released Pumplinx 3.0, a 3D simulation software tool for the design and analysis of pumps, motors, compressors, propellers, valves, hydraulic systems and other fluid devices.

Pumplinx can be used to improve efficiency, minimise cavitation, control pressure ripple and reduce noise, according to the company.

The software, based on the Simerics general-purpose CFD simulation suite, enables the engineer to create a virtual test article and generate flow visualisation and engineering output as accurate as a full-scale hardware test at a fraction of the time and cost.

The code is continually being developed to add new capability for modelling a range of equipment.

New features include a graphic interface and a post-processing data structure; Pumplinx now supports up to four concurrent displays of GL project windows.

The latest version also incorporates expanded valve and pump templates, such as a new re-mesh model for rotational devices and a variable displacement vane pump.

In addition, there are more physics models, including a dynamics module for any translational and rotational movements and a more advanced porous resistance model.

Finally, the company has enhanced the Confromal Adaptative Binary-Tree (CAB) mesher; the memory usage and time to generate mesh have been reduced significantly, according to Simerics.

More than 50 new developments have been implemented in the latest version.

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