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Scorpion Vision has launched its SmartCam3D, a ‘smart camera’ primarily designed for use in industrial automation for manufacturing purposes.

The product is based on Sony’s innovative Smart Camera XCI platform, a compact camera/PC unit measuring 94(W) x 140mm(L), which runs the Windows XP operating system.

The camera is a high-performance industrial unit that can capture images at up to 90 frames/sec in full colour.

Scorpion Vision application software that comes pre-installed in this package.

Scorpion Vision Software is an open, machine-vision program that is designed for non-programmers that want to create advanced machine vision applications used to automate repetitive inspection processes on the production line.

The software is also used for non-contact measurement both on the production line, in an ‘inline’ deployment where the system will inspect, check or measure and output data in real time, and in an ‘offline’ environment for high-precision measurement with micron-level accuracy.

Paul Wilson, director at Scorpion Vision, said: ‘Tordivel, the company behind Scorpion Vision Software, has recently created a new vision tool called MonoPose3D.

‘This enables a user to locate an object’s position and height.

‘The height element is something normally only acquired by stereo vision systems, where dual cameras are used to process perspective.

‘It can be a difficult function to use, as 3D systems are notoriously complicated to set up.

‘We believe the Scorpion SmartCam3D package resolves this, as the camera comes ready calibrated and therefore requires minimal set-up time,’ he added.

The SmartCam3D package means a reduction in the amount of hardware required to build 3D robot vision.

The camera can be deployed as a single device with only a power connection and control, and interfacing can be managed by a wireless network connection.

The company claims to have already installed such systems that are running successfully 24 hours a day.

To mark the launch of the SmartCam3D, Scorpion Vision is running a Sony Technology Day at Brooklands Museum, Surrey, on 10 December 2009, which includes free entrance to museum exhibits.

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Scorpion Vision Ltd promotes and supports Scorpion Vision products for the UK automation industry. Scorpion Vision is a machine vision framework automation package that is used in a broad range of manufacturing industry sectors, from aerospace to food production.

The Scorpion Vision System is perfect for:
– 2D and 3D Robot Vision
– 2D and 3D Assembly Verification
– Sorting and Identification
– Non-contact measurement
– Surface inspection

The core product is the Scorpion Compact Vision System which is a small footprint fanless PC designed for advanced machine vision applications. The compact vision system is available with various camera options – both 2D and 3D variants.

The 2D Stinger Camera is ready to fit to any production line and is delivered with a fully integrated light source all contained in an IP rated industrial housing.

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