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Virtalis is launching Activemove, a transportable, interactive 3D visualisation system, at PTC/User 2010 in Orlando, Florida on 6-9 June.

Virtalis is offering two time-limited offers for PTC/User.

The first is a discount on any Activemove purchases if orders are placed within 60 days of the show.

The second is a 20 per cent discount on all systems ordered within nine months of registering a lead at the event.

The PTC/User World Event is intended for professionals who use PTC products and services, including Arbortext, Cocreate, Mathcad, Pro/Engineer, Productview and Windchill.

One Virtalis client, Allan Molbech of Vestas, will be speaking about his experience of how VR has transformed the way wind turbines are designed.

The presentation is entitled ’Designing wind turbines using an immersive and interactive virtual reality environment’ and will be delivered as part of the Productview stream of lectures.

With Activemove, data can be visualised in stereoscopic 3D and the system also enables full immersion and interaction, due to Virtalis’ integrated head and hand-tracking solution.

This added functionality alters the perspective of the visuals according to the user’s position and orientation within the scene.

The hand-held controller allows the immersive experience to be enhanced further.

The user can navigate through the virtual world, pick and manipulate component parts in real time and make decisions on the fly.

Activemove comprises an active, stereoscopic, high-definition resolution, high brightness, high frame rate, three-chip DLP projector with a rear projection screen in a dedicated enclosure, coupled with a PC, eyewear, head and hand tracking, installation and support.

Activemove is transported in two custom wheeled cases designed for local and international shipping, making it easy to share between locations.

Virtalis is a world-leading Virtual Reality (VR) and advanced visualisation company.

Our products and systems give you the chance to really understand your information and your data, to interact with it and to foster communication.

Whatever your industry or role, we can prove that advanced visualisation, simulation and VR offer a valuable return on investment. We will arm you with an essential set of tools to improve your competitive position, make your life more efficient and reduce risk.

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