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3DX-Ray has announced that its technology is able to measure and analyse – non-destructively – the microscopically thin coatings and fills in diesel particulate filters and catalytic convertors.

It is also able to measure distributions of wash coat, soot, ash, and regeneration damage.

The company has launched a set of non-destructive X-ray tools for its MDXi X-ray inspection system to allow engineers to use this technology.

The ability enables manufacturers in the catalytic industry to make improvements in performance at the same time as reducing costs.

The tools work even when the container is made from steel plate.

Previously only destructive testing has been possible.

Diesel particulate filters need to achieve high filtration efficiency, low filtration backpressure, and fast regeneration.

Design engineers need to maximise the efficacy of catalysts and balance the high loading needed for performance, with the low cost demanded by the market.

The 3DX-Ray MDXi system can accurately measure distances and alignments, and the real-time database it produces can be linked into a QC, SPC or Scada system.

It uses the company’s line-scan technology, which eliminates the need for conventional, expensive, panel X-ray detectors.

The system can be supplied with an optional 3D computerised tomography package.

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