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A ceramic aluminium-oxide abrasive belt that is said to offer significant advantages in productivity, consistency and service life has been unveiled by 3M.

The 3M Cubitron II 984F Abrasive Belt features precisely shaped, uniformly sized and vertically oriented triangles of ceramic aluminium oxide.

These self-sharpening triangles are designed to fracture as they wear, continuously forming new, super-sharp points and edges that slice cleanly through metal, rather than gouging or ploughing.

3M’s Cubitron II 984F Abrasive Belt delivers, on average, up to 30 per cent faster cutting, even on tough-to-grind metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel alloy and cobalt chrome.

It is especially suited to foundry and investment casting applications, for tasks such as gate or joint line removal.

The mineral configuration diverts heat away from the workpiece and belt and into the swarf, reducing the risk of discolouration and the likelihood of heat-related stress cracks.

The faster, sharper cut can lead to faster cycle times on automated equipment and also lessens the amount of pressure the operator needs to apply on manual belt machines.

3M’s surveys show that the product takes twice as long as competing products to reach the typical point at which operators stop using a belt – when performance drops to two thirds of its initial cut rate.

The belt is currently available in grade 36+, which combines the strength of a 24-grit product with the finish quality of a 40-grit product.

3M Abrasive Systems Division

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