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Three Altera Cyclone III FPGA-based video-image and compression boards have been released by 4DSP.

The VID375 is an image-processing platform providing two high-speed video streams for real-time JPEG2000 compression.

Powered by dual Altera Cyclone III FPGA image processors and two Analog Devices ADV212 hardware devices, the VID375 video image processor meets the needs of next-generation digital video cameras used in medical, military and other precision-imaging applications.

The VID375 features a dual JPEG2000 hardware compression engine based on the dual ADV212 CODEC devices.

The VID375 is suitable for on-the-fly compression prior or after the imaging processing.

Low-cost dual Altera Cyclone III devices are closely coupled to fast, onboard DRAM memory resources.

With the flexibility of the architecture and the use of an industry-standard Camera-Link interface, the VID375 makes possible the lossless compression and high-speed storage of video as used for satellites and UAVs.

With two Camera Link inputs, the VID375 can also be used for stereoscopic vision on vehicles operating in a rugged environment.

Two of these boards on a VME, cPCI or VPX carrier board will provide support for up to four video camera inputs, suitable for 3D applications, such as 360deg situation awareness on combat vehicles.

The VID375 produces a JPEG2000 wavelet-based digital compressed image, superseding the older discrete cosine transform-based JPEG compression method.

Up to 140Mpps from two independent cameras can be compressed on the fly from a single VID375 board.

It can either encode the video frames prior to or after applying an advanced video/imaging algorithm.

The VID372 supports two BASE Camera-Link interfaces and is suitable for on-the-fly imaging and video processing in the most demanding applications.

It also supports two cameras simultaneously, essential for 3D vision applications with high frame rate and resolution.

The VID372 has two Altera Cyclone III FPGA devices with 512MB (up to 2GB) of onboard DDR2 memory.

It has a flexible FPGA-Memory architecture which produces a best-in-class product for implementing application specific FPGA IP cores for embedded image solutions.

Finally, the VID371 offers a robust communication link for video and imaging systems.

The VID371 is a flexible Camera-Link processing board, offering performance for machine vision and metrology systems.

Applications include robotic visual inspection systems, statistical pattern recognition, target recognition and tracking system, UAV vision and information processing of a 360deg situational awareness system and object detection as used in IED detection.

The VID371 features the Camera-Link Full standardised communication protocol, suitable to implement advanced image processing algorithms for ultra-high bandwidth video.

This product supports Infrared (IR) cameras and airborne video surveillance.

All VID300 PMC Series platforms are complimented by 4DSP’s available engineering services programme and are specifically designed to permit customer development of specialised VHDL algorithmic video signal processes to meet customer requirements.

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