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Graham Engineering has purchased a Colchester-Harrison Tornado TT6 Twin Turret CNC turn-mill centre from 600 UK for its automated, single-hit machining of high-volume, small-to-medium sized parts.

With eight axes, twin 12-station driven-tool turrets and two identical 15kW integrated spindle units, the TT6 helps in the production of threaded pipe fittings for stainless-steel domestic hot water cylinders used in new house building.

With the twin spindles and twin turrets, the TT6 can be set up so that one spindle is finishing one component while the other spindle starts to work on the next one.

The pipe fittings are made by machining solid bars.

The Tornado TT6 offers two independent but simultaneous tool paths with the higher productivity capability derived from overlapped or twin turning tool sequences.

This multi-tasking capability enables the three-axis upper turret and two-axis lower turret to service either of the 15kW, 6,000rev/min full C-axis spindles with balanced cutting sequences or dedicated machining cycles.

To ensure maximum stability and absorb cutting forces and vibration, a single three-tonne, 45-slant bed casting has been designed for the TT6, incorporating a wedge-angle configuration for the Y-axis for maximum strength and rigidity.

The drives are supplied by Fanuc-GE, which also supplies the machine’s 31i-TA control, featuring a 15in LCD screen, high levels of operability and PC-like file editing functions.

Available with 175mm diameter chuck or 52mm bar capacity, spindle bore is 65mm and the 30 VDI tool turrets have a maximum driven speed of 5,000rev/min from 3.7kW high-torque motors.

The Y-axis stroke is +/-40mm and the right-hand spindle can be used as a tailstock for long shaft work.

Rapid traverse rates are 30m/min in each axis.

600 UK’s Human-Machine Interface (HMI) control screen, with its own menu structure, incorporates lights-out production and production-planning software.

It also has simple graphics for tool setting with options for cut/measure or auto-probing.

There is online help, enhanced diagnostics with identifiable service intervals reminder and auto switch off when the programmed batch cycle is completed.

The Colcam offline programming package is offered as part of the Tornado TT6 machine specification.

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