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The Endevco model 6222S series has been designed for high-reliability vibration monitoring in helicopter health and usage monitoring systems, as well as ground- and onboard aircraft engine monitoring.

The high-temperature piezoelectric accelerometer range also suits ground-based gas-turbine engine monitoring applications.

Available in three models, with sensitivities of 20, 50 and 100pC/g, and choice of three ruggedised connector styles, the Endevco model 6222S series offers high sensitivity and reliability in a low-profile package.

Models feature Meggitt’s proprietary Isoshear construction, which reduces transient temperature and base strain outputs, while maintaining a high mounted resonance and continuous operation in temperatures of up to 260C (500F) with long Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF).

The 6222S series comes with a standard ARINC three-point mounting configuration and three mounting bolts, and is designed with a rugged two-pin 7/16-27 UNS-2A threaded receptacle with an available three-pin option.

As a self-generating device, the sensors require no external power for operation.

The Endevco model 6222S series provides a balanced differential output, allowing them to be used with any industry differential charge amplifier.

This unit is designed to be compatible with the Endevco 6917B and 6917D series of shielded, softline cable assemblies.

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