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6Wind, a provider of embedded software solutions, has introduced the 6Windpath solution to deal with IP-based application networking performance bottlenecks inherent in existing architectures.

The 6Windpath solution enables a simple and fast path to move IP-based applications from legacy telecommunications and enterprise architectures to higher networking performance multi-core-based architectures that remove performance bottlenecks.

The solution provides a migration path to multi-core with no performance penalties.

6Windpath features the company’s 6Windgate embedded software solution combined with design support and services and high-performance embedded networking functions using multi-core technology while ensuring integration with existing IP-based applications.

This packaged solution allows telecommunications and enterprises equipment manufacturers to scale performance so that applications can work optimally despite any sized network traffic growth.

This is possible without requiring applications to be repurposed, as 6Windpath creates simplified migration paths for applications to run on multi-core-based architectures that provide the performance needed to meet today’s and future network traffic growth requirements.

Using multi-core technology within the most appropriate scenarios to minimise impact on existing architectures, designers can offload networking requirements to multi-core technology, enabling them to ensure maximum performance of IP applications in line with any network traffic.

The 6Windpath end-to-end solution ensures that any existing application running on single-core architectures, using a standard Linux networking stack, can be made to seamlessly and transparently work on a multi-core-based architecture.

Using 6Windpath, designers can work from three typical migration path scenarios.

They can: add a high-speed packet processing front end to offload the application processor; add a high-speed packet processing front end and load balance the traffic to several application processors; and migrate an existing application to a multi-core architecture by dedicating a certain number of cores to packet processing.

6Windpath leverages the company’s knowledge in multi-core and 6Windgate embedded software solutions to ensure specific results when scaling applications using multi-core technology to meet network growth requirements.

Specifically designed for high-performance applications, 6Windpath is suitable for a variety of applications, including: security gateways; UTM appliances; IPTV; content inspection; IMS; voiceover internet protocol (VoIP) and telephony over internet protocol (ToIP); wireless (3G, Wimax, LTE and so on); and billing systems.

6Windpath is a modular solution, allowing customer flexibility in selecting any desired IP functionalities.

It includes 6Wind design consultation, services and support for customers to define a clear and cost-effective path to move applications to run on multi-core technology.

Designers can then benefit from advanced networking performance, application integration and more, yielded by 6Windgate, to include support for multiple 10Gbps Ethernet links.

6Windpath uses 6Windgate’s ready-to-implement and complete layer 2 to layer 4 networking functionalities, which, as a result, hides multi-core complexity and can cut networking design times by as much as 70 per cent.

This simplified migration to multi-core architectures also maximises software reuse – requiring no repurposing of existing applications – with no performance penalties.

It provides a modular set of embedded software features, optimised for multi-core, and is delivered with a complete XML-based management solution, including an industry-standard command line interface and web management toolset.

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