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Chloride has introduced the 80-NET MPR, a more environmentally friendly high-powered uninterruptible power supply system.

The 80-NET MPR guarantees uptime and reliability for critical environments such as data centres, finance, health and transportation.

Its 30-40 kVA rating makes it suitable for data centres and server rooms.

It is transformer-free and draws mains power at near unity power factor (1kW=1kVA), meaning that it draws up to 20 per cent less current than its competitors to supply the same load, resulting in reductions in switchgear ratings and cable sizes.

This has the added benefit of allowing extra load for the same input power, reducing energy bills and minimising total cost of ownership and environmental impact.

The 80-NET MPR has an output power factor of 0.9 and is compatible with all lagging and leading IT and non-linear loads (including blade servers).

It is designed with heavier future loads in mind.

To minimise the costs of consolidation, the 80-NET MPR has a built in capability to operate in parallel, while the unity input power factor puts an end to generator over specification: a doubled critical load can potentially be supported without the need to upgrade or replace generators.

The 80-NET MPR is available in 30 kVA and 40 kVA models, with a 60 kVA version to follow.

The 80-NET MPR reduces the generator sizing and future-proofs the UPS system.

Low input THDi (of less than three per cent) provides full compatibility with any upstream equipment, reducing system harmonics.

It has an optimum efficiency level of up to 98 per cent.

The integrated parallel board gives maximum scalability, allowing eight units to be connected in parallel, without the need for additional architecture.

The 80-NET MPR includes: Advanced Battery Care (ABC) to prolong battery lifespan and optimise customer savings and to program periodic automatic battery checks.

Chloride’s BMS system provides continuous monitoring of the battery’s status. compatibility allows UPS 24/7 remote diagnostic and monitoring for UPS preventative trouble shooting.

Chloride’s Connectivity Suite includes Manageupsnet and Mopups monitoring and control software, providing the customer with safe shutdown of network applications in the event of a prolonged mains power supply outage.

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