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Aquajet is offering Omax’s Articulated Bevel Jet (A-Jet), which is compatible with all existing Omax bridge-style abrasive waterjet centres.

The attachment is controlled by Omax’s Intelli-Max software suite.

The A-Jet accurately cuts bevelled edges at angles determined by the machine operator or part program.

The A-Jet adds two motion axes that allow the nozzle to be tilted over a range of 0-60deg from the vertical position.

The new component can be used to easily produce bevelled edges when cutting countersunk holes.

The A-Jet can also cut parts with complex geometries.

The accessory features a fixed focal-point design, where the XYZ axes need not be moved as the head tilts.

With its additional axes of motion, the A-Jet also allows production of bevelled edges in preparation for welding operations.

Through use of the accessory, many secondary machining and grinding operations can be eliminated, allowing instant and significant cost reductions for many applications.

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