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A1 Technologies has announced that it is offering Chameleon – a 3D ‘haptic’ application that it says delivers a high-quality, immersive 3D experience to its users.

Chameleon combines 3D modelling software with a touch-enabling (haptic) device.

It allows users to easily model and construct 3D objects, particularly free-form shapes, within the software.

When complete the models can be directly 3D printed.

Chameleon incorporates Anarkik3D’s Cloud9 software – a 3D sketch/modelling software suite that enables easy and fluid conceptualisation and visualisation of ideas.

The software is claimed to be easy to learn and fully interactive.

The Cloud9 software is claimed to appeal to experienced and non-experienced CAD users, as well as anyone who does not like traditional 3D CAD or who finds 3D CAD restrictive.

Chameleon uses touch-enabling technology, which replaces the traditional 2D mouse.

This haptic device is Novint’s Falcon, which provides users with a more natural interaction within 3D virtual space and allows more intuitive working.

Every design produced on Chameleon will be unique due to its haptic nature, and once models are complete on the computer, they can be directly printed on A1’s Rapman 3D printer.

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