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Comtech AHA has announced that A10 Networks has selected its AHA363-PCIe GZIP compression board for use in the A10 AX Series Advanced Traffic Manager appliances.

A10 Network’s AX series of products are a local traffic management solution.

The integration of Comtech AHA’s hardware compression allows A10 Network’s customers to cost-effectively remove the load of the compression function from their servers, increase application performance and improve application response times.

Comtech AHA’s AHA363-PCIe card is a fast GZIP compression solution.

Using the open-standard compression algorithm GZIP, the AHA363-PCIe internet protocol accelerator supports data transfer rates up to 5.0Gbits per second.

Ideal for manufacturers of storage area network servers, web servers, web accelerators and web traffic appliances including load balancers, firewall VPN servers and integrated routers/switches, the AHA363-PCIe will improve the speed or performance for nearly any system.

Comtech AHA also offers a line of compression-integrated circuits including the 2.5 Gbps AHA3610 GZIP compression IC.

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