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Analytical Technology has announced that Britvic Soft Drinks has selected its A15/81 monitor to accurately test hydrogen sulphide (H2S) levels in finished bottled products.

The A15/81 is claimed to be the only system that can monitor soluble H2S in water on a real-time basis and enables Britvic to monitor their water bottling facility for hydrogen sulphide accurately and in compliance with strict legislation.

Bottled water in the UK is strictly controlled by the Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water and Bottled Drinking Water Regulations (England) 2007.

The regulation specifies that bottled water should not contain any micro-organism, parasite, element or substance at a concentration or value which would constitute a potential danger to human health.

Analytical Technology’s A15/81 monitor measures soluble H2S in water on a real-time basis, overcoming the problems caused by conventional dissolved sulphide monitoring systems and providing an improved method for measuring sulphides in solution.

Rather than using a traditional ion-selective electrodes (ISE) sensor, the A15/81 employs a polargraphic H2S gas sensor that is isolated from the sample, enabling continuous operation on many types of water and wastewater streams with minimal maintenance and adjustment.

For Britvic, a key advantage of the A15/81 monitor is that the sensor does not come into contact with the sample.

Only the gas stream containing the stripped H2S reaches the sensor.

As a consequence, the system continues to function regardless of the quality of the sample.

The only requirement is that large particulates be strained from the sample.

Britvic required a dissolved sulphide monitor that was easy to operate and maintain.

The only regular maintenance requirement is to change the acid reagent once every six weeks and to change the H2S on an 18-24-month basis.

Running costs are very low as the acid usage for pH adjustment in the chemistry module of the A15/81 is inexpensive.

The tubing in the sample system has long-life capacity.

The monitors were installed at Britvic’s Huddersfield factory; three on each borehole line fitted in a central location.

Following installation, Analytical Technology provided full operational training to Britvic on a one-to-one basis.

Since implementing the monitors, Britvic has been able to ensure that its bottled products are accurately and continuously monitored for hydrogen sulphide, ensuring that costs and maintenance are kept to a minimum and reliable results are generated in real time.

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