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A2 Technologies’ Ipal FTIR analyser is now available with sampling technology and pre-loaded methods specifically designed to measure chemical species of importance to the nuclear power industry.

Battery-operated, portable Ipal analysers are suitable for nuclear power plants to ensure reliable facility operation, regulatory compliance and support for proactive maintenance programmes.

Ipal systems can handle time-consuming chemical measurements; analyses that would typically take hours or even days off site are now handled by the Ipal system on site in a matter of minutes, according to the company.

The analysers measure the percentage of biodiesel in diesel fuel to levels as low as 0.025 per cent, which is said to be well below current worldwide regulatory guidelines.

These measurements are carried out in less than one minute without the necessity to send samples to an outside laboratory.

Ipal analysers measure the level of oil in cooling water, the level of water in lubrication fluids and the degree of oxidation of lubricants or fuel.

A2 also offers the Pal analyser: a bench-top version of the Ipal for customers that do not require battery operation or portability.

The rapid analysis capability of the Ipal is a result of the performance of the system and A2’s proprietary TumblIR sampling interface.

This sampling system, which is integral in the Ipal system, enables the transmission infrared (IR) measurement of liquids without the traditional difficulties of using liquid IR cells.

Using the pre-loaded methods, the operator places a single drop of fluid on a window, initiates a measurement via a single operation and the system collects, analyses and reports the data in a simple format, according to the company.

Clean-up comprises a wipe of the sample windows.

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