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Aaeon has launched the ETX-945GSE module, which adopts the Intel Atom N270 processor as well as the Intel 945GSE and ICH7M chipset.

The computer-on-module (COM) can be used with the ECB-902M carrier board in order to verify its compatibility with an application as well as provide a base for a customer’s own carrier-board design.

The multi-functioned ETX CPU module completes the product line of Aaeon’s ETX CPU module series by being the first Intel Atom N270 processor installed on a product in Aaeon’s ETX form factor range.

The ETX-945GSE comes with a memory slot for a 200-pin DDR II 400/533 Sodimm, so the lower power performance of the Atom processor can be enhanced with up to 2GB of system memory.

Ethernet communication at 10/100Base-T is supported by the onboard Intel EP82562ET chipset and a system communication can be designed in using the ETX-945GSE’s support for one parallel port, two RS232 serial ports and four USB 2.0 ports.

The ETX module will also support two IDE storage devices on the carrier board as well as two Sata II devices that can connect directly to the module.

The ETX-945GSE is designed to help system developers respond to the demands of the embedded markets effectively and efficiently.

Its compatibility with the ETX standard can increase and upgrade functions for your existing systems by offering not only a cost-effective solution, but also a high-performance, stable product with a small power footprint that is featured with Intel Atom solution.

This model is ideal for vital applications in the gaming, entertainment, military, security, measurement, and automation industries.

Aaeon can design the customer’s ETX CPU carrier board to meet your specific project requirements utilising the extensive functions of the ETX-945GSE.

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