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Abanaki has announced a range of oil skimmers to solve the cleaning problems the mining industry faces.

Oil skimming cost-effectively removes oil from water in wash bays so that the water can evaporate or can be reused.

Abanaki is offering its Oil Grabber Model 4 belt oil skimmer, Portable Tote-It belt oil skimmer and Oil Viper tube oil skimmer.

The Oil Grabber Model 4 is the most commonly used oil skimmer at mines as its heavy-duty construction withstands the harsh environment.

Specially designed belts can collect all of the oil products present in the wash bay and, coupled with the optional Oil Concentrator, they effectively remove the oil without picking up much water.

The Portable Tote-It oil skimmer works well in smaller wash bays or in other parts of the mine where water and oil are present.

As with the rest of Abanaki’s product line, it is available in stainless steel, which resists the strong chemicals that can be present at a mine.

Two sizes are available based on 2 and 4in belt widths.

Abanaki’s Oil Viper tube oil skimmer is said to have a small footprint and large recovery rate.

The tube ‘snakes’ around the pit to collect oil and grease, working well in shallow sumps or confined spaces.

Oil skimming can reduce the amount of labour needed to keep wash bays clean by mechanically removing the oil.

Abanaki’s equipment is able to run continuously or on a timer to eliminate the need for manual labour.

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