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Abas and its software partners will present the Abas business software at the Hannover technological event that is uniting 13 international trade fairs under one roof on 20-24 April.

The company (on Stand B56, Hall 17) will focus on the process-oriented architecture (POA) of the Abas business software.

With the POA, Abas offers predefined and configurable process-based workbenches.

Instead of working in multiple windows, users can create, manage and control procedures, use process flows and workflows, call external systems and access the necessary information from these screens.

While the use of ERP systems in the past was marked by a variety of windows and commands, all tasks can now be carried out in a preconfigured or customised workbench.

The company claims that the POA and the flexibility of the Abas software meet the demands of many industries.

During implementation, customers select from a series of processes to define their business model.

The implementation of the ERP system is, therefore, derived from a selection of business processes so that the duration and cost of implementation can be reduced.

Training sessions are said to be simplified as processes can be controlled using a single screen.

According to the company, dashboards for data-viewing ERP users have to handle a considerable amount of data every day; the Abas portal supports them by providing options for data preparation.

The goal is to compile the data and information that is necessary to achieve one or more goals, to consolidate them in a task-related manner and to prepare and visualise them.

In the Abas portal, dashboards or key figure information systems provide the functions listed, are easily configurable and enable decisions to be securely made based on current financial figures.

These financial figures are displayed in a display format.

In this way, the chart optimally supports those responsible for the corporate management.

The portal provides a web service that makes the corresponding data available.

This information can be used and displayed within the portal and also outside of it.

It is also possible to execute more complex queries using the Groovy programming language.

For simple queries, the information will be compiled in a browser-based manner.

The portal now also includes an option for individually compiling an ERP command overview in a portlet.

The novel Abas ERP sales/revenue forecasting application contributes to planning security.

Sales figures for a future time period can be planned flexibly.

Any time period can be selected, whether it is one year, one month or one week.

The application is even flexible for yet-to-be-planned data.

New data or data from existing products can, therefore, be used as a basis for planning.

Individual items and item groups can usually also be planned.

In addition, certain client groups can be planned specifically with regard to the region or the client.

The actual values, however, always contradict the target figures.

A comparison between the target values and current values can be conducted quickly and easily.

Since the plans are archived, even outdated values can be included.

The sales/revenue forecasting can be constructed as a hierarchy.

The function range is connected to all other ranges of Abas business software, such as Abas corridor controlling.

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