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ABB has revealed that research and development testing in Germany has proven that its Coriolismaster flowmeter is able to accurately measure 45 per cent aeration of fluids.

The flowmeter can measure the mass flow rate and density of liquids that contain up to 45 per cent distributed gas inclusion, compared with the industry standard of around 10 per cent.

This is said to extend the parameters for use for the Coriolismaster so that it can be used in gaseous applications that have an inconsistent flow in liquids, such as the production of foams and carbonated beverages.

The Coriolismaster is designed for the measurement of mass, volume, density, concentration and temperature to high levels of accuracy.

ABB said it is ideal for demanding fluid measurement applications, independent of whether the fluid is conductive, multi-phase or viscous.

The Coriolismaster can be used in industries including power, pulp and paper and chemicals, as well as being EHEDG-certified for food applications.

It has a flowmeter size range from 1/16in to 6in/DN 1.5 to DN 150 and accuracies up to 0.1 per cent of flow rate and 0.001kg/l for density, enabling it to be used to measure everything from low flow rates through to the contents of tankers.

By measuring the resonant frequency of its patented tube arrangement, the Coriolismaster flowmeter can determine the density of the medium as well as flow measurement.

The flowmeter’s ‘S’-shape tube design is said to minimise the effects of gas content, changing environmental factors and vibration, while providing unparalleled accuracy and stability for virtually all applications.

The Coriolismaster offers high-precision density measurement up to 1g/l, even under changing environmental conditions.

Optional software Densimass is capable of deriving concentrations, net oil portions in water-oil-mixtures, Brix and percentage alcohol values.

Two customer-programmable matrices are also available for customised concentration calculations.

The Coriolismaster series offers improved signal processing and a turndown-ratio of up to 1:2000.

The approvals for explosion protection have been revised to include Zone 2 instruments and good temperature classes for hazardous areas.

Approvals include: Atex, FM, NEPSI, GOST and IECEx.

Coriolismaster is said to be easy to install and uses ABB’s common HMI interface, saving maintenance and training costs.

The series also uses a single transmitter for all sensors with ‘easy set-up’ quick-start routine and FRAM-based data storage technology.

Additionally, the flowmeter is compatible with various communications including Hart, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus.

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