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ABB’s Measurement Products Service team has completed the cold chain fridge mapping of James Paget University Hospital’s blood product storage equipment.

As a result, the Norfolk Hospital has passed its recent Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) audit.

The MHRA places stringent requirements on the way that cold-storage facilities are monitored and maintained in UK hospitals and medical establishments.

All equipment used to store blood must comply with appropriate standards and all UK hospitals can be subject to an MHRA audit, to ensure they comply.

James Paget University Hospital asked ABB to calibrate and validate its transfusion facilities, including refrigeration and freezer units for blood, drugs and reagents, and ancillary equipment used in the storage process, such as incubators, heaters and centrifuges.

All of ABB’s test equipment is traceable to national standards via UKAS-accredited laboratories to ensure accurate and reliable temperature measurement.

It also offers the latest data-recording equipment to digitally record mapping data.

Using these devices allows ABB to readily output data into a detailed report.

To meet MHRA requirements, ABB provided the hospital with a full post-survey report, detailing probe location and calibration certificates for all the test equipment.

Part of ABB’s mapping toolkit includes the Screenmaster SM500F and SM3000 videographic data recorders.

These devices can collect a range of mapping data, which can quickly be compiled into a detailed post-survey report.

Compliant with FDA’s CFR21 Part 11 requirements for secure electronic data storage, Screenmaster recorders feature a host of protective measures to eliminate the risk of unauthorised data tampering, both during recording and the post-recording data-gathering stage.

Standard security features include the ability to configure and allocate multiple users with individual password and access rights.

There is also the option of an internal security switch protected by a tamper-proof seal preventing unauthorised personnel from altering the recorder configuration.

ABB can also hold mapping and calibration data on its fully supported server, with a customer web-based portal called Serviceport.

Customers are given secure website access to their own portal containing calibration certificates and mapping reports, providing a safeguard against the risk of lost paperwork.

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