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ABB has released the next generation of its SIL 3 rated System 800xA High Integrity safety system.

The company said the System 800xA High Integrity provides protection of the process, plant, personnel, and the environment while optimising overall process efficiency and cost.

The new version of System 800xA High Integrity is the latest addition to ABB’s comprehensive safety portfolio.

It leverages System 800xA’s common engineering tools, human system interface, historian, audit trail, asset and device management applications to improve the overall integrity and reliability of process control and SIS operations.

This environment offers safe, instant interaction between applications, leading to a host of benefits including easier handling, better technical solutions and lower costs.

System 800xA High Integrity is available up to and including Quad configuration to allow end users to tailor their safety system solutions to specific process requirements to optimise efficiency and cost while protecting the process, personnel and the environment.

First released in 2005, System 800xA High Integrity offers the flexibility of hosting both safety and process critical control applications in the same controller, providing logical separation of control and safety functions.

This ‘same yet separate’ architecture protects personnel, the plant and the environment while proving significant operating efficiencies.

ABB worked closely with customer Dow Chemical to develop this system and make it available commercially, as Dow had experienced benefits from this approach in its own proprietary system.

The latest version of System 800xA High Integrity SIS includes several new features designed to augment safety integrity.

System 800xA High Integrity utilises embedded hardware and software diversity in the logic solver and subsystem, with diverse execution paths to detect any potential random failures.

It includes additional SIL 3 libraries for shut-down applications, and provides combined non-SIL, SIL 2 and SIL 3 applications for increased safety protection and process efficiency.

While embedded safety and control is one option offered by System 800xA High Integrity, the customer can also deploy it in several other possible configurations.

The system was designed at the outset to be able to operate as a standalone safety system, or it can also be integrated with the process control system while it maintains physical separation of control and safety functions.

All of these configurations provide protection of personnel, plant and the environment while offering various levels of operational efficiency improvements.

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