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ABB is offering free batch recording software with its Screenmaster 2000 videographic data recorders until 2010.

Capable of storing up to 2.9 million data samples, the 12-channel Screenmaster 2000 is designed to ensure effective and secure recording of data for a range of industrial applications.

With the addition of the free batch software, the device allows users to quickly access and analyse specific batch records.

As well as a range of standard batch features, including local and remote control, the batch software includes a lifecycle analysis function, providing a single point of access to recorded data for every separate production process applied to a batch.

The recorder’s batch recording function enables operators to enter batch information alongside the process data being recorded.

Batch information is archived for subsequent retrieval, with each batch being tagged with its identification data.

Using the data, operators can quickly locate complete production records for individual batches.

It is also possible to identify batches with common attributes such as the time they were produced, the equipment they were processed with or the material used to produce them.

To prevent unauthorised tampering, the Screenmaster 2000 offers security, recording and display features, including the ability to configure and allocate multiple users with individual password and access rights.

There is also the option of an internal security switch protected by a tamper-proof seal, preventing unauthorised personnel from altering the recorder’s configuration.

Data integrity is further protected by an internal audit trail, which logs any configuration changes made and records who made the changes and when, as well as the details of all data files created.

Added measures to protect the security of archived data are included in Datamanager, Screenmaster’s data-analysis software.

When batches are reviewed, the software automatically checks the integrity of the binary encoded data files to ensure the data collected is valid.

Using the software, recorded data is automatically collated into a ready-to-use database with search functionality, allowing operators to quickly locate the batch records they wish to review.

The SM2000 is supported by a local service and support network.

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