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BE White and Solarcentury low-voltage electrical protection and control equipment from ABB is being used in developments aimed at protecting against electrical faults in photovoltaic installations.

The Functional Earth Unit and Surge Protection Units use ABB’s OT switches, contactors and surge-protection devices to protect against damage caused by earth faults and electrical surges.

The Functional Earth Unit ensures no dangerous earth leakage currents are permitted to flow in earthed photovoltaic cables while simultaneously accommodating the earthing needs of the photovoltaic array.

The Surge Protection Unit ensures any surge currents are diverted harmlessly to protect the photovoltaic modules and overall electrical installation.

An indicator light on the Surge Protection Unit alerts the system owner to any earth fault.

ABB’s OT switch disconnectors are typically used to isolate individual strings of solar modules and battery banks or as the main switch for a complete system.

The switches are compact in size, have high DC voltage ratings and offer a range of safety and protection features.

Options are available from 16 to 630A and up to 1000V DC and AC in various switching categories.

The Functional Earth/Surge Protection Unit is available from Solarcentury within its standard C21e and Sunstation package systems for the French market.

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