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A single SM3000 videographic recorder from ABB is doing the job of five traditional paper-chart recorders at Premier Foods’ Sarsons vinegar factory in Middleton, Manchester.

Electrical engineer Paul Kugler said: ‘The old recorders were obsolete and we couldn’t get spare parts for them.

‘When they broke down we were getting repair bills of more than GBP1,000 a time.

‘We could have replaced them with new paper chart recorders, but that would have meant we needed five of them.

‘It made sense to go for a single videographic recorder instead.’ The SM3000 multipoint recorder gathers data from five vinegar pasteurisation lines.

Pasteurisation heats the vinegar to destroy any organisms that could shorten its shelf life.

The SM3000 records the temperature of each pasteuriser once a second.

Kugler added: ‘Data storage is a big advantage of the videographic recorder.

‘At the moment the data is stored on a flash disk on the recorder and uploaded to a shared drive once a week.

‘That’s also backed up, so we have the security of the data being stored in three separate places, rather than on a single paper chart.’ Electronic data storage also makes it easier to search and manipulate the data to track trends or spot the early signs of maintenance issues that may require attention.

Kugler added: ‘The recorder stores the data in a spreadsheet.

‘We can now create trend graphs or search for data from a particular time of day, for example.’ The SM3000 allows up to 36 universal analogue inputs, communicated inputs or maths results to be recorded and displayed in a variety of operator views.

Extensive data storage capability is provided by 8Mb of onboard flash memory, which can store 2.8 million samples of data, with the added option of either Smartmedia or Compact Flash removable memory cards.

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