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Following requests for the company to provide a comprehensive mechanical inspection service, Tyneside Standards has acquired an Aberlink CMM, enabling it to perform mechanical, dimensional, electrical instrumentation, pressure and vacuum, temperature, torque, mass and flow calibration. 

Following the purchase of the Axiom Too Coordinate Measuring Machine, Tyneside Standards is now able to carry out precise subcontract inspection work on a range of products, it claims.

Tyneside Standards’ recent CMM work includes the subcontract inspection of precise automotive and aerospace components, and in-depth measurement surveys on oil industry pipelines, as well as the calibration of customers’ jigs and fixtures.

The Axiom Too offers an all-aluminium bridge, resulting in a very low thermal mass and rendering the machine suitable for use in controlled environments or within less-than-perfect shop-floor conditions.

Key benefits of product application

  • Available in manual and CNC variants
  • Reduced inertia results in high speed of operation
  • Air bearings of optimised stiffness employed on all axes
  • Granite Y Beam allows preloading of bridge bearings in both directions
  • Component support consists of a granite/aluminium honeycomb construction, providing natural damping and improving the machine’s thermal properties
  • Compact design occupies small footprint
  • Controller and all peripherals housed within Axiom Too workbench
  • Utilises Aberlink 3D software
  • Simultaneous picture of the measured component created on the computer screen
  • Dimensions between the measured features, mirroring those that appear on the component drawing, are then picked off as required
  • Automatically recognises and defines the features being measured

Aberlink Innovative Metrology

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