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Aberlink Innovative Metrology will be introducing several products at the Control 2011 international trade fair, which takes place in Stuttgart, Germany, from 3-6 May 2011.

Aberlink’s 3D CMM software has undergone development and now features a dynamic user interface, faster program execution, unlimited feature measurement, PH20 probe head support, new Openoffice and XML output formats, improved SPC capability, Windows 7 support and DME I++ Client support.

The advanced software interface offers users only those software tools relevant to the task in hand.

Aberlink’s approach to interface design ensures that the screen is kept clear of unnecessary toolbars and icons, making the software easier to use and more productive.

Aberlink claims that improved interoperability, in terms of data exchange and connectivity to other devices, has rendered its 3D metrology software the multi-device platform of the future.

Another highlight of the Aberlink stand will be the latest range of Zenith Too CMMs.

Now capable of measuring parts weighing up to 5,000kg and available in a range of sizes of up to 3,000mm, the Zenith Too now features an advanced new touch screen.

The high-resolution remote colour display provides the operator with complete control of the CMM software and other Windows applications, without returning to the PC.

Also being demonstrated will be Aberlink’s Axiom Too range of CMMs, each fitted with the new Renishaw PH20 probe head.

Infinite positioning of the PH20 provides an unlimited number of probe positions, giving improved access, while adaptive positioning of the probe head significantly improves all aspects of measurement routines.

Five-axis moves and high-speed head-touches combine to reduce measurement cycles by up to 90 per cent, while maintaining accuracy.

Each of Aberlink’s Coordinate Measuring Machines will feature the company’s infinitely adjustable CMM fixture kits.

Aberlink’s robust anodised aluminium and stainless-steel modular kits offer increased configuration options and easier and faster fixture construction.

Featuring the company’s Colour-Matrix scale system, Aberlink’s fully programmable vision system, Project X, will be demonstrating its ability to measure small and delicate parts by using non-contact inspection techniques.

Project X has a 400 x 300mm stage and 125mm motorised Z axis, ensuring that it is able to accommodate large parts.

Aberlink Innovative Metrology

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