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A training course on safety-instrumented systems has been launched by Abhisam Software and can be downloaded to a computer and completed at the customer’s own pace.

It covers all aspects of safety-instrumented systems used in process plants.

It is aimed at managers, engineers and technicians working in process industries such as oil and gas, chemical, refining, petrochemical, power generation and others.

A free trial is also available for downloading instantly.

This e-learning course enables easy understanding of safety-instrumented systems (SIS) in depth, with the aid of interactive animations and simulations, graphics, text and real-life examples.

It is said to be a vendor-neutral course, with seven modules that cover all areas of safety-instrumented systems.

It includes interactive animations and simulations, graphics, real-life example problems with solutions and explanatory text.

It is said to be equivalent to about two days of full-time classroom training.

The modules are: Introduction to SIS; Hazards, risks and their analysis; Failures and reliability; Safety integrity; SIS standards; SIS in practice and SIS testing and maintenance

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