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The Able range of Widebeam Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flowmeters offers advanced, accurate and reliable ultrasonic metering technology for gas-flow applications.

Available in portable or fixed-installation versions, Able flowmeters simplify gas-flow measurement using high-accuracy transducers that clamp onto the external wall of the pipe.

The flowmeters are suitable for natural, specialty, erosive, corrosive, toxic, high-purity or sterile-gas applications where interruptions to flow or modification of existing pipe work must be avoided.

The Widebeam technology uses the pipe wall as a waveguide to optimise the signal-to-noise ratio.

This technology increases precision by reducing the sensitivity to any change in medium type or pressure.

In addition, the flow meter is immune to most pressure-reducing valve noises.

Able Widebeam technology frequency matches the transducer to inject the ultrasonic waves into the pipe, rather than the Shear Mode used in conventional ultrasonic flow meters.

As a result, use of the pipe wall as the transmitter provides a much wider sonic beam than available from narrow-beam (Shear Mode) technology.

The wide beam is intrinsically less affected by the blowing of the sonic beam caused by high flow rates and provides a reliable, stable signal for continued performance under the most difficult process conditions.

Contaminants such as liquid in gas will not interrupt the entire wide beam as they will with narrow-beam flowmeters.

With shear-mode technology, the signal is injected into the pipe wall at one frequency, regardless of pipe wall thickness.

The transducers remain the transmitting device and use the pipe wall as a medium between the transducer and the fluid.

The fixed frequency does not match the characteristics of any pipe, which limits the performance of the shear-mode flowmeters, making them susceptible to low or complete loss of signal and failure of the flow meter.

Able flowmeters also come with built-in analytical software, offering diagnostic capabilities that deliver information about the application and meter performance.

The flowmeters are available in several configurations from single- to four-path, underground installations and various enclosure types.

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