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Mclennan Servo Supplies has introduced a low-cost absolute encoder system in a very compact kit form that suits rotary and linear motion applications.

The NEMO3 encoders from Numerik Jena are aimed at OEMs and machine builders that require space-saving and inexpensive high-resolution absolute position feedback integrated directly into their machines.

With analogue or digital output, the encoder consists of a separate reading head and code data disk or linear scale with chrome-on-plastic (COP) printing technology in a grey code pattern that will provide a 16-bit rotary position output over 360 or up to 2um linear position output.

An optional rotary version can include up to 11-bit user-defined code patterns.

Discs are available in standard formats from 26 to 42mm in diameter and linear scales are supplied according to the length of travel required.

High-temperature versions are available for use up to 85C.

The reading head is powered from a user-supplied 5V DC and includes the collimated illumination module for 11 data tracks and two sin/cos tracks that provides a true differential output with 1,024 periods, plus amplitude and offset error compensation.

The measuring system uses a 16MHz serial clock and can return information at a 1-microsecond rate for high-speed position feedback.

An on-chip EEPROM stores calibration and configuration data so, once set up, the encoder is a fit-and-forget solution.

The compact reading head is available in a standard version with all components mounted on a support frame or in a ‘Super Flat’ design with a separate illumination module for extremely compact installations.

The MEMO3 is aimed at applications such as medical and processing equipment where absolute position feedback is critical and where set-up datum routines associated with incremental encoders are not tolerated.

Mclennan Servo Supplies can supply the NEMO3 separately or as a part of systems solutions including servo or stepper motors, gearboxes, motion controllers and drive electronics, and other mechanical components as customised mechatronics solutions.

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