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Abssac supplies unwind and wind-up torsion springs with linear spring rates.

Since the part is machined, Abssac can incorporate any form of end attachment into the torsion spring.

In the machined torsion spring the tang is integral and without stress, making it a rugged and reliable attachment.

The application of a moment is possible using a pure couple.

It is also possible to resolve the moment by an integral torque restraint on the coil side.

The spring is suitable for medical, aerospace, semiconductor and motor-sport industries.

The machined spring is suitable wherever a wound spring does not meet performance criteria or a new spring design requires high accuracy and repeatability.

The spring can be used in critical or high-duty cycle environments and is machined to meet exact size and performance requirements.

Predictable linear rates are available to meet application requirements and special or custom end attachments can be incorporated into the one-piece design.

Titanium, steels, high-strength steels, aluminium and engineering plastics can be utilised.

Parallelism and perpendicularity improves reliability and performance

In a nut shell…. For well over 25 years, we have been a company that provides engineering support to all of the products we supply, teamed up with exceptional customer service. Our professional and honest approach to business is often commented on as one of our key advantages. Situated in the Vale of Evesham, Abssac supplies rotary and linear power transmission products.

Through a dedicated and knowledgeable sales team, our product portfolio incorporates all types of flexible shaft couplings such as helical beam, cross-slot, metal bellows, elastomeric, metal disc, gear and solid designs. Our extensive precision linear products include lead and ball screws in rolled, whirled, machined and ground formats, which are complimented by a large range of anti-backlash nut designs. Finally and perhaps where we excel the most, our specialist product ranges which include the unique machined spring product and precision electro-deposited forms. In many cases, our ability to quickly adapt a standard program part into a key component has enhanced product designs around the world.

Established in 1982, we are a Quality Assurance BS EN ISO9001: 2000 approved company.

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