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Acal Energy and its development partners have put the ground works in place to install a Flowcath fuel cell technology system at the Solvay Interox site in Warrington.

The field trial system is planned for installation in summer 2011 and will provide critical back-up power for an environmental remediation plant at Solvay’s Warrington plant.

The installation is designed to help Acal Energy and its partners to understand exactly how a back-up power system powered by its novel Flowcath fuel cell engine power module will operate in a real application.

The technology is expected to reduce the balance of plant costs by eliminating the need for hydration, pressurisation, separate cooling and other mechanical subsystems commonly required when using conventional PEM fuel cells.

In the meantime, Acal Energy is completing the low-cost design and validation activity in its new laboratory testing facilities, with the support of partners including Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells, UPS Systems, Southampton University and the Manufacturing Engineering Centre at Cardiff University, which is essential to meet the cost and performance targets for a commercially viable system.

This is the latest stage of a project announced last year that is being partly funded by the Technology Strategy Board.

Progress on the project to date has been fast and, as a result, Solvay Interox took the opportunity last summer to put in place the hydrogen fuel supply and infrastructure ready for installation of the back-up power unit.

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