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Endevco has completed the 6,000th field installation of its Model 2221F, a high impedance, piezoelectric accelerometer, designed for high-temperature shock and vibration measurements.

The Model 2221F has been used across a variety of aerospace, flight test and other demanding applications.

The device has also been used as part of NASA’s Space Shuttle Return to Flight Program.

Model 2221F is used to help verify that no detrimental damage has occurred on the leading edge of the shuttle wing, prior to its return from orbit.

Model 2221F offers through-bolt (through-hole) mounting capabilities, which allow for 360deg cable orientation, and reliable operation in temperatures of up to +500F (+260C), in frequencies of up to 10,000Hz.

The sensor features Endevco’s Piezite-type P-8 crystal element, operating in annular shear and exhibiting excellent output sensitivity stability over time, according to Endevco.

Signal ground is connected to the outer case of the unit and, when used with an isolated mounting screw, the accelerometer is electrically isolated from ground.

Units are housed in a rugged, stainless-steel, hermetically sealed case, making them suitable for extreme environmental conditions.

The sensor’s lightweight (11g) construction effectively minimises mass loading, allowing it to be successfully used in the testing of small structures and objects.

Model 2221F is also a self-generating device, with no external power requirements.

Adhesive mounting is also available as the application permits.

A low-noise coaxial cable is supplied for error-free operation.

Model 2221F is recommended for use with Endevco signal conditioner models 133, 2771C, 2775B, or as part of the model 4990A (Oasis) rack-mounted signal conditioning system.

Model 2221F is also featured as part of Endevco’s R Replacement Sensor Program.

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