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Meggitt Sensing Systems has launched the Endevco model 2271A series, an accelerometer range suitable for vibration and acceleration measurements in cryogenic and other extreme environments.

Available with either a 10-32 side connector (model 2271A) or a 10-32 top connector (model 2271AM20), the Endevco model 2271A series is designed to operate over a wide operating temperature range of -269C to +260C (-452F to +500F) with unusually flat temperature response.

Units exhibit excellent output sensitivity and stability over time, with shock survivability to 10,000g pk, according to the company.

The piezoelectric sensing elements of the model 2271A series are housed in a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel case, which is hermetically sealed for use in demanding environments.

Signal ground is isolated from the sensor’s outer case.

A 3m (10ft) low-noise coaxial cable is supplied for error-free operation.

As a self-generating device, the accelerometer range does not require any external power source for operation.

In addition, select models are eligible for purchase under the Endevco -R replacement sensor programme.

Recommended accessories for the Endevco model 2271A series include the model 2950 triaxial mounting block; signal conditioner models 133, 2775 or 4990a (Oasis); or the model 2771C inline charge converter.

The model 2271A series is suitable for use in cryogenic testing; Halt/Hass/Ess; flight test engine monitoring; environmental testing; and space hardware evaluations.

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