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East Anglian accident repair centres MG Kerry in Ipswich and DJ Mackenzie in Woodbridge have used Bonderite 1455 conversion coating wipes from Henkel to pre-treat bare metal surfaces before priming and painting. The impregnated wipes have enabled the companies to save both time and costs.

The Bonderite 1455 product leaves minimal visual evidence or measurable film thickness. It converts every bare metal surface it touches and even inaccessible areas can be reached by putting a wipe onto the end of a pencil.

The wipes instantly convert the metal surface, effectively sealing it in readiness for the primer and subsequent coat to complete the anti-corrosion process. They are particularly suitable for working on small knife-edge areas, such as on the moulding of a bonnet, as they are easy and quick to use in comparison with the traditional spray method, which can require rework following overspray.

Another suitable application for the wipes is the pre-treatment of any bare metal around a door edge. Etch primer easily drifts beyond the target area into the door recess, especially if it is delivered via aerosol. As Bonderite 1455 can be precisely applied, there is no risk of overspray.

Bonderite 1455 was also found to be a good choice for pre-treating alloy wheels as it is easy to ensure the conversion coating covers every edge without any danger of being scuffed off.

Key benefits of product application

  • Bonderite 1455 wipes provide an almost instant, chromium-free conversion coating that greatly enhances adhesion of subsequent layers and overall corrosion resistance.
  • The wipes are speedier and more efficient than spray methods, taking less than a third of the time to make the repair ready for priming.
  • Operators do not have to mask as there is no overspray and there is no rework involved.
  • Bonderite 1455 wipes enable the efficient use of primer with minimal waste.
  • The product is chromate-free and low in VOCs; used wipes can simply be disposed of as standard waste.
  • Both MG Kerry and DJ Mackenzie said they would continue to use Bonderite 1455 wipes thanks to the many benefits that they offer.

Henkel is the world market leader in state-of-the-art industrial adhesives, sealants and surface treatment products for a wide variety of engineering applications. Its leading brands for the industrial market are Loctite, Bonderite, Teroson, Aquence and Technomelt.

Strong customer focus, research and innovation, consistent quality and sustainable business practices have contributed to its record of success, as has continuous improvement in both its products and methods of manufacture.

The company applies its expertise to the entire value chain across the engineering sector. Whatever you build, manufacture, assemble or repair, its technical consultancy service will provide all the assistance and training you need to ensure you have the best product and the skill to apply to its best advantage.

Henkel brands are internationally renowned for their proven reliability and performance and the scope of the company’s product programme extends from cleaning and pre-treatment through to bonding, sealing, filling and protecting, coating and lubricating. 

Henkel is the only adhesive manufacturer to offer a comprehensive range of products that are hazard-label free. Its Loctite Health and Safety series is suitable for the lion’s share of engineering applications and includes thread lockers, thread sealants, gasketing adhesives, retaining compounds and instant adhesives.

As both the product and its method of application dictate the quality of process, Henkel also has considerable expertise in the supply of dedicated dispensing equipment that, if necessary, can be bespoke to the application. This equipment ensures the product is applied quickly, cleanly, accurately and economically.

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