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Accura Technics has introduced the Minuteman XA: an engineered add-on robotic automation system for small to medium-sized CNC mills, lathes and grinding machines.

This product, from Accura’s Extreme Automation range, brings the benefits of automation to common job-shop operations.

The Minuteman XA is a turnkey product designed to provide automation to job-shop machine tools.

It is also said to be simple to install, using standard shop utilities.

Developed to provide an accelerated return on investment, it shares the same design and materials as the Accura Extreme Precision grinders.

According to the company, the value of automation in the job-shop setting is achieved differently than in the large production environment.

Two key aspects to the job-shop automation value proposition are versatility and streamlined changeover.

Seamlessly attaching to host CNC machines, the Minuteman XA complements the host machine’s versatility, rather than reducing it.

Both Fanuc articulated robotic arm or gantry-style automation can be specified.

If needed, the host machine can be used manually.

Real-time changeover is accomplished by employing pre-tooled/setup kits for repeat jobs.

The Minuteman XA’s standard adjustable tooling can be used to facilitate quick changeovers for varied part production.

With versatility and streamlined changeover built in, the Minuteman XA provides for higher profits in three ways, according to the company.

First, part production will improve with fast, steady work-piece flow by introducing automation.

Next, with manual use of machine tools, time is spent by the technician during the cycle that is too short for them to start other work.

They wait for the part to be finished before starting the next cycle.

This idle time during manual use of the machine tool can be pieced together into productive time through the use of automation.

He or she then spends continuous time during changeover and then, during the run, can move on to more productive work.

Finally, the host machine tool and the Minuteman XA can be set up during the day shift and run during the evening or night unattended for ‘lights-out’ operation.

Other features include the Minuteman XA’s small footprint and availability of options for different material loading, such as bowl feeders, conveyors, trays or combinations of these.

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