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Accustream’s AS series 50hp/60,000lbin2 (4,137 bar) water-jet intensifier being used by the University of Sheffield with Boeing to help demonstrate the benefits of water-jet cutting.

The university’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) is a centre of advanced machining and materials research and development for the aerospace and other high-value manufacturing sectors.

Teamed with a Wardjet water-jet cutting table, the water-jet intensifier being used on a range of research projects involving the cutting of both non-metallic and metallic materials from mild steel to aerospace allows and high-performance plastics.

The Accustream 50hp AS model pump is said to complement the Wardjet cutting table and meets the requirements of the AMRC.

This includes the ability to extend and upgrade the AS intensifier to meet the future requirements of the AMRC’s research programmes.

A feature of the AS intensifier is its Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT), which is claimed to ensure industry leading maintenance intervals and fast replacement of components.

Other features of AIT help to ensure simple maintenance procedures, prolonged component life and high levels of reliability.

For maintenance, for example, the hydraulic rod seals and plunger bearings are readily accessed from the outside of the hydraulic end cap.

The check valve utilises a screw-less, low-pressure poppet design to enable quick evaluation of key contact surfaces.

Advanced electronics provide smooth, reliable shifting for optimum cut quality while the touch-panel controls feature a simple graphical guide to pump operation and maintenance.


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